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jim ("Idaho, clerk and science enthusiast.")
Java.Lu.Cpp ("Speed Kills. I LOVE SPEED")
Jayme ("My name is Jayme Lynn Blaschke. Like many, I dreamed of being an astronaut as a child....")
Jeffery M. Thompson ("I am a professor of Physics and Mathematics at Mount Wachusett Community College in Gardner...")
Jack Boje ("I'm 77 Yr. and I have had a love of Computers in my head since 1957. I worked for IBM many...")
John Von Essen ("President and CEO of Quonix Networks, Inc. a leading datacenter provider based in...")
John Barr ("I'm 7o years old 2016. I did 15 years in the Australian Army. Left as a T. Sergeant. I also...")
JoLe ("I am JoLe, research assistant and PhD student at FernUniversität in Hagen, Germany....")
John Huisman ("Hi all..My name is John Huisman and I live in Newnan Ga., a far flung suburb, 35 mi S.W. of...")
James Esdaile ("Im from CA, i work on computers for a living and as a hobbie.")

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