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Jords ("Middle aged chap, living in south east asia. work on computer systems at work and at play!...")
Jura ("Москва) Интересов много и...")
Julian Bonsall-Shepard ("I am an aspiring aerospace engineer, artist, inventor, taoist, guitarist, philosopher,...")
Jure Pokerznik ("I'm currently attending Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University...")
Jiri Spejchal ("Hello, my name is Jirka and I'm from Czech Republic. I work as a risk analyst. I graduated...")
John Pellman ("I'm an open / citizen science enthusiast who hails from New York.")
JayPi2 ("Besides hiking and skiing in the Alps I am traveling around the world. Now I have visited...")
John Richard Kerr
jeffnJenn ("Husband and wife team living the dream in Gilbert AZ!")
Johnathan Kennedy (""Yeah, man. I built my own $1000 gaming rig." "But isn't the only thing you do all day...")

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