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Jana ("The best way to do.")
jrojas ("Man, 52 years old, from Chile, South America. I dedicate myself to mining exploration, but...")
joeybuddy96 ("I'm from Louisville, KY USA. I'm 34. I do quality control for a kit supplier for clinical...")
Jd ("Я родом из маленького...")
jeast3028 ("Retired Chief Chemist with Ferroglobe, Selma, Alabama USA BS degrees in Mathematics and...")
James Franklin ("I am currently an OU student, undertaking a BSc (Honours) Natural Sciences degree - aim to...")
Jonas S. Vogt
Jackie Kudron ("Just a retired Aviation worker and science Junkie living the life in Colorado. Pilot,...")
Jared East ("I am from California, I was born in 1990, My occupation is as a mathematician, I like just...")
Jonathan Roberts ("My name is Jon. I'm from Indiana. I'm a machinist. I've always been curious and fascinated...")

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