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Jim ("Older than dirt. Retired and crunching.")
JeffT* ("I crunch when I can.")
Joanee ("Just a fan trying to help and also a fan of Current. Thanks for Countdown. I was a...")
Jan Stenzel ("Hello, my name is Jan Stenzel and I'm from Grudzi�dz (Poland). I'm 25 and in this...")
Jaxis ("Great Falls, Montana")
JunioR ("I'm living in Ufa, Bashkortostan.")
John Stuart ("Im a twenty something living in Calgary, Alberta. Im almost graduated from the university...")
juliana ("professional internet weirdo in seattle")
John Hanly ("I am originally from Kentucky. Received grad degree in physics from UK. Last employer was...")
jonnyc ("I'm from Austin, Texas, graduated with a BS in CS from UT San Antonio, currently employed...")

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