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Nflight ("I am involved in the Biotechnology realm in the field of solving problems you did not know...")
novakp.usti ("Toto je tym pocitacu SPS strojni a elektrotechnicke v Usti n.L., Resslova 5. Moje...")
Nathan ("I'm the lead astronomy graduate student for this project.")
nickth ("Well im 37, live in Belfast Northern Ireland. Work as a wearhouse operative for a home...")
nunyx ("Member of Portugal@home team. ")
Nikolay A. Saharov ("My name is Nikolay. I'm from Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation. I work at Russian...")
nutcase ("to credit whore or not to credit whore, that is the question. Whether 'tis nobler in the...")
Nanor NOSIT ("Hi Boinc users, I am a nooddle freak! I used to be a pasta lover, but my wife turned me...")
niterobin ("Hi :-) I'm Rob. I'm 51 and I live in England. I sort mail by nights and mostly sleep...")

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